Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello valuable readers. It's that time of year again... that special time of year when people put on costumes and it has nothing to do with role-playing in the bedroom to spice up a stagnant relationship!

Comic book costumes have always been common whenever Hallowe'en rolls around, and they have grown exponentially with the popularity of comic book movies. Batman and Spider-Man have long been staples of every Hallowe'en party, but other heroes have started to creep up. The most recent wave of comic book movies has made Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern all hot commodities this year. For all you ladies out there, you can be Slutty Thor, Slutty Captain America or Slutty Green Lantern. JUST KIDDING. I honestly have no idea what comic book characters are popular for women right now. Wonder Woman is always a safe bet, and – despite the misleading name – the X-Men roster is full of positive female role models! One friend of mine is going as Sailor Moon, which leads me to a popular trend amongst young adults: group themes*. Seeing Sailor Moon at a party is cool. Seeing ALL of the Sailor Scouts? KILLER KRAZY KOOL!

this is a Green Lantern costume in the same way that a Twinkie is food

Comic book franchises usually have large casts and are thus perfect for a group theme. When we were freshly legal, my friends and I did a Justice League of America theme, which turned out great, except for the one guy who was randomly a Tetris block. We did Nintendo a few years back, I 've been eager to do Star Wars for awhile, and this year we are paper-maché-ing ourselves into Ninja Turtles. It's gonna be awesome.

If you want to go a little more obscure and/or ahead of the curve [AKA “hipster”], the soon-to-be released The Adventures of Tintin should be right up your ally. My hip brother and his hip wife are going as Thomson and Thompson, so they will totally match! Isn't that cute.

Transformers are pretty popular right now, despite the incredibly shitty movies that just keep getting made, but you probably won't see too many costumes because of the level of effort that goes into making one. My brother once told me of a friend of his that made a Transformers costume that actually transformed into a car when he crouched down. I hope that dude won something.

One extremely overdone costume that keeps coming back [besides Jack fucking Sparrow] is Heath Ledger's Joker. Please, if you're going as the Joker this year, at least switch it up by being the Cesar Romero or Jack Nicholson version.

I'm a fan of variety, so the less repeat/store bought costumes and more custom jobs out there, the better. Let's make this the BEST HALLOWE'EN EVER!

And finally, valuable readers, if your costumes are ready a week early, and you want to get a head start on your holiday festivities, my good buddy Harmon [the aforementioned Tetris block] and his lady Caroline are having their wedding social on October 22nd at 3600 De Vries Ave in East St. Paul, and it has a COMIC BOOK THEME! So if you are a fan of comic books, socials, or Harmon & Caroline, come on down! Maybe, if you're lucky, I will get really drunk and you can see me attempt to break dance with a shell on my back.

*Group themes are a lot of fun, but they do require that you have friends.

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