Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shits and/or Giggles

This is pretty loosely comic-related, but the last post got me thinking about it and I love it, so I thought I would toss it in here. It's humourous AND educational!

The Bayeux Tapestry was made in the '70s --1070s that is-- and depicts the Norman invasion of England under William the Conqueror. It is nearly SEVENTY METRES long, includes about fifty scenes, and was called "the first known British comic strip" by artist Bryan Talbot

On a Vessel..?

So, after just hanging around [LOLZ] for almost a thousand years, some guys on the interwebs began using it for inspiration to give the ol' 11th-century twist to various scenes from movies/tv, song lyrics, as well as other memes! 


The possibilities are endless!

Here be thy link to the main article and thus further reading:
And here be thy direct link to the archives of ye images: 

This is one of the harder memes to recreate, but I managed to find these resources:
Alright, after some effort, here is a Bayeux Tapestry variation done by yours truly. It is inspired by a Monty Python sketch from their amazing film, The Meaning of Life. 


Also of interest, the Archaic Rap/Joseph Ducreux meme [another favourite of mine] :

'Til next time, keep fit and have meme.

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